Value My Business

Business valuations require a deeper review of a business for purposes of understanding its true fair market value. Calder uses certified valuation professionals to assess a company and the crucial risk factors and value drivers that impact a business’s potential for sale, and alternately, its value for legal issues that impact sole proprietors, partners and shareholders rights.

Valuations offered by Calder include:

  • SBA Business Acquisition Loans
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Sale or purchase of an existing business
  • Obtaining outside financing
  • Partner/owner Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Built-in gains for Sub “S” Elections

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Business valuations do not look just at financials; they measure the complex relationship of a company’s performance, potential, organization and uncontrollable factors that impact its ability to maintain a value as a “going concern.” Value is determined as of a point in time, but reflects on data from a number of years, and also infers changes to performance based upon business operating conditions that will impact its future performance and return on investment.

It is crucial, as an example, for organizations to elect to change from a “C” corporation status to a federal and state “S” election if legally possible. The requirement for a fair and impartial value of the entity as of the change in status can help save business owners large amounts of money when an eventual sale takes place in the future. A certified valuation can ensure that no extra tax dollars are paid.

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