Buy Side

The dilemma – Start a Business or Buy a Business?

Many individuals and companies face similar situations every day. For individuals, it could be the answer to a long standing desire to address their entrepreneurial spirit. For companies, it’s either the desire to enter a new area or perhaps to acquire a strategic company that will lead to greater growth.

No matter what the reason is, buying a business is not an easy task. Given the need to match your requirements with available or potentially available businesses can become a very difficult exercise for those that do not have experience or the time to dedicate to this arduous task.

Back view image of young businessman standing against business s

Buying an established business offers you a chance to acquire immediate cash flow, and hit the ground running with a proven concept and success record that does not come with start-ups. With an increasing array of businesses coming to market because of the baby-boomer generation passing the torch, buyers now have the opportunity to acquire quality mid-market companies. The opportunity will finally allow buyers such as yourself, to use your experience to grow your acquisitions to new levels of success.

Calder represents individuals, partnerships and corporations looking to acquire mid-market entities.

As buy-side intermediaries, Calder has the relationships and experience necessary to identify potential targets, evaluate their performance, and then assess the company’s potential for success. We work with buy-side clients to address their financial and strategic needs, and determine if targeted companies will fit their needs.

Calder provides active buy-side services that include:

  1. Thorough assessment of a buyer’s needs, experience and interests
  2. Identification of target industries
  3. Target sourcing
  4. Preliminary review and assessment of targets
  5. Valuation of potential targets
  6. Interim review of potential targets
  7. Negotiation of offer including initial terms and conditions
  8. Drafting of Indication of Interest and/or Letter of Intent
  9. Due diligence management and coordination
  10. Financing assistance including identification of lending institution
  11. Coordination of a professional team including attorneys, accountants and others
  12. Closing coordination
  13. Post-closing follow-up

Acquisition of a company is difficult due to the intangible nature of the value being acquired. Calder provides the required professional experience to evaluate and acquire quality companies. Find out more by contacting us today.