Preparing Your Business for Sale

According to industry statistics, an estimated 25% of all privately held companies are for sale at any given time. The reasons vary from retirement to boredom. Of all the businesses for sale, only 25-30% actually sell. The reason is that most owners fail to understand the complexity of the sale of perhaps their largest asset: their business.

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Unfortunately, there is quite a bit of misunderstanding and misinformation about the process of preparing a business for sale. In addition, according to a study by Price Waterhouse, only 15% of all business owners have a plan for retirement. So, it is no wonder that we often talk to business owners who tell us that they wish they had planned for selling their business long before they were ready to sell. The primary reason for this regret is the realization that with a bit of planning, they would have been able to increase and maximize the value of the business.

When preparing your business for sale, it is critical to look at strategies that will maximize sales and profitability in the short term, as well as have a long term impact on the value and saleability of your company.

Calder Associates has the experience to guide you through this complex process. As a first step, download our eBook 7 Strategies for Preparing a Privately Held Business for Sale and/or contact us for a complimentary confidential discussion about your business.

In order to get an idea of what your business might be worth, you can request an Opinion of Business Value report. The results will give you a glimpse into the likely range a willing buyer would pay for your business.

The business brokers and Certified Business Intermediaries of Calder Associates are experts in preparing your business for placement on the market. With us as part of your team, you can focus on maintaining the operations of your business while staying on track to accomplish the ultimate goal of selling. Contact us today to get started.