Selling Your Business

Our sales process includes professional services in the following areas:

  • Business review
  • Financial statement review
  • Business pre-sale consulting (as required)
  • Business valuation
  • Memorandum preparation
  • Marketing the business
  • Buyer search and qualification
  • Sales negotiation
  • Financing the sale
  • Due diligence management
  • Closing

Choosing to sell your business may be one of the most difficult decisions you ever make in your life. What makes our process so successful is that we focus on YOU! Our goal is to help you achieve what you need and want. Understanding your needs allows us to measure the true success of whether the sale of your business is going to satisfy you and your family.

Selling a business is not easy. This complex process involves many steps to ensure you present the best image to obtain the highest price for your business. In some situations, it will be necessary to perform preliminary work towards the eventual sale of the business. In other situations, your business will be ready to sell immediately.

We will assess your company’s current position and, if required, work with you to improve specific areas that will help you recognize the highest sale price. Our services allow you to stay focused on the growth of your company and help to ensure the greatest financial rewards at closing.

Whether you are a local business serving the community or a large business who sells nationwide, we tailor the sales process to what is right for YOU…and ensure that it does not impact your day-to-day operations. Our success has come from careful attention to detail and understanding the complexities of the business sales process.

Contact us to learn more about how you can achieve personal success in the sale of your business.